Oneplus one unboxing

Hi all!!

Finally a new post haha.

Now I just want to show you these unboxing pictures from my recently got Oneplus One sandstone black 64 gb.

Whole pa


The unboxing video will be added soon  ☺

So in the mean time….. Enjoy the pictures 😊.


Unboxing MK808B Android Stick

Hi all!

It’s been a long time since my last post. I even forgot when did I create my last post hahahahaha 😛

Anyway,  this time I would like to give you review on my unboxing experience on this product that I have just received from the post office .

This product is an Android TV stick which has name MK808B whereas B stands for Bluetooth.  And an air mouse to operate it.

to keep things short, here are the pictures for you to see. Enjoy.













Gingerbread update for Galaxy S is coming

Finally our beloved Galaxy S got another update!  Leaked version of Android 2.3 has bren released by SamFirmware.  This version might still be a beta version and there might be another periodically updates by SamFirmware just like usual.

Supercurio has also worked on this version for the lagfix and further hacks which is still ongoing.  But he has already rooted the gingerbread ^^.

So just head to SamFirmware’s and supercurio’s site to get the files.  You might also check xda forum.

Happy flashing!!

Upgrade your Galaxy S sound quality now!

First post in 3rd week of 2011,

Right now I’m gonna talk about Galaxy S again. This time about its sound reproductions. This topic was risen by Supercurio, my favorite Galaxy S developer. He said that Galaxy S is using Wolfson WM8994 high end codec. Well I hope he’s right, and I think he is right because he’s a very great engineer in my opinion. FYI, here’s a little bit description from Wolfson’s site :

The WM8994 is a highly integrated ultra-low power hi-fi CODEC designed for smartphones and other portable devices rich in multimedia features.

An integrated stereo class D/AB speaker driver and class W headphone driver minimize power consumption during audio playback.

The device requires only Vbatt and a 1.8V supply, generating all other internal supply rails from integrated LDOs.

Stereo full duplex asynchronous sample rate conversion and multi-channel digital mixing combined with powerful analogue mixing allow the device to support a huge range of different architectures and use cases.

A fully programmable parametric EQ provides speaker compensation and a dynamic range controller can be used in the ADC or DAC paths for maintaining a constant signal level, maximizing loudness and protecting speakers against overloading and clipping.

A smart digital microphone interface provides power regulation, a low jitter clock output and decimation filters for up to four digital microphones. A MIC activity detect with interrupt is available.

Active ground loop noise rejection and DC offset correction help prevent pop noise and suppress ground noise on the headphone outputs.

In short, Galaxy S has this great codec in it but not properly used to its fullest potential. That is why Supercurio developed a custom kernel so the codec and push more power and can be used better especially with better cans.

Where to get?

As usual, you can get the kernel in our beloved XDA-developers forum.

How to install?

you can use either Odin or CWM just like usual.

How to use it?

well after you install the kernel, make sure to get “Voodoo App” from Android market to set the codec.


Here are the screenshots of the app:

main screen

adjust the headphone amps to squeeze more juice

Technical function

so according to Supercurio, here’s what have been implemented in the kernel :

Headphone amp analog gain:
Reduce the hiss or give you a much louder output. Configurable from very low levels to very high.
Already tested with sensitive in-ear very prone to hiss and brilliantly confirmed with Sennheiser high-end 300 Ohms headphones.

Hardware Parametric equalizer:
Change the frequency response to correct your headphone deficiencies or to adjust the sound how you like. Use 0 battery and work on every sound source. 100% configurable

Hardware 3D effect:
Finally, a good specialization effect. Can improve sound-stage if used wisely. Configurable.


Well, you have to try this out!! it’s recommended! You’ll never regret it! Especially now you can listen to the FM radio in stereo and with Bass 😉

Tell me what you think!

You might want to follow Supercurio works on twitter

p.s: sorry for the late post tho….

Update :

Supercurio has updated the kernel to version 2 3 4. Which is now has supports mic tweaking to get better recording result and also fix jitter issue

  • improved volume management (no more loud notifications)
  • no more light tick on audio start-up
  • better mono implementation, work also on FM radio
  • FM radio high frequency preservation and volume harmonization
  • added 128x oversampling on record & FM radio
  • removed SNR booster: didn’t pass quality tests

He also has updated the app in the market..

Turn your PC into your media center with XBMC

Hi all,

I’m not gonna talk about Galaxy S right now. Instead, I’ll talk about freeware (again). You know for this past few months I’ve been interested with HTPC and media players such as WDTV live, or MEDE8ER 500DX. I kept reading and following news and information about them and then it came to a point where I got confused, which one should I choose? building HTPC or just buying a media center…. but if I chose buying a media center, which one is the best? which one is more hackable? and such and such…

So the reason I got confused between choosing 2 solution above and kept following news about them is that I have lots of music collection, TV series collection (most of them are animes), pictures, and movies and last but not least music videos. All these times I use different applications to view them. Faststone viewer for image viewer, Foobar2000 for music,  and CCCP codec & media player classic to watch the movies. At first I did all these activity just in front of my 14″ laptop screen. But right now, I plugged my laptop’s display to my LCD TV and that changed the way I view my medias.

Having bigger display and able to watch HD movie better (okay, only 720p.. my LCD is not full HD yet :-/ ) force me to watch the display further from the screen and I feel more like dealing with multimedia station than dealing with a computer. I know I’m a bit exaggeratimg, but what I’m talking about is the feel when watching movies or listening to music (now I can enjoy milkdrop visualization better when it displayed on big screen). Having this kind of setup makes me a little bit lazy to navigate through medias from Windows explorer and using mouse  from a distance.. And here’s where XBMC plays a very useful part filling the limitation of media handling.

Overall, XBMC acts like Windows Media Center, but better 😀 It’s more flexible, lots of enhancement, continous version update, and… FREE!! It also supports different OSes. Maybe you can read more information from Wikipedia. Here’s the general information from Wikipedia:

XBMC Media Center (which was formerly named Xbox Media Center) is a free and open source cross-platform media player and home entertainment system software with a 10-foot user interfacedesigned for the living-room TV. Its graphical user interface allows the user to easily manage video, photos, podcasts, and music from a computer, optical disc, local network, and the internet using a remote control

I think too many words just confusing, so I’ll show the GUI of XBMC (I took these pictures from XBMC site)

Main Menu

Main Menu

Movies Library

Movie Library

Movie Playlist

Movie Playlist

Movie Playback

Movie Playback

Movie Library

Movie Library (alternate)

Music Library

Music Library

Music Playlist

Music Playlist

Music Playback

Music Playback

Wheather Screen

Wheather Screen

TV Series

TV Series Library

Pretty nice huh? Especially if you look at it from a big screen. This is the default skin called Confluence. Wait till you see other skins like Aeon (I’ll put the screenshots later on..)


Here’s the link to download the latest version :

  • XBMC site -> the latest one is version 10  – Dharma

Recommended Configurations:

To get the most experience from having XBMC as your multimedia manager, you should have these configurations (my preference though.) :

  1. An HTPC or media centric PC
    • I recommend to have a decent PC system which able to play HD movie (Bluray or other formats) flawlessly.
    • The system should silent enough to be run (you don’t wanna be disturbed by your noisy pc during watching a movie do you?)
    • The system should be able to suck as low power as possible (just power consumption conscious and stay on budget especially for electricity)
  2. Large storage
    • Having several harddisk to store your organized media collection sometimes more than enough but also sometimes not enough to store your movie collections. So, get as much hardisk as possible 😛
  3. TV with at least HD ready capability
    • LCD TV is so cheap these days. But if you can buy a 32″-42″ LED TV, just go for it. You’ll see that watching full 1080 movies in your room is very nice experience to have. Trust me.. 😀
  4. Decent sound system ( at least 2.1 configuration)
    • Connect your speaker to your TV setup and you will see that watching 1080 movie and listens its sound from built in TV sucks..
  5. Dedicated remote control
    • plug a MCE ready remote control and use it to navigate xbmc system and reduce keyboard usage during time  like these. These kinds of remote really helps
    • Popcorn. Lots of them

Impression of Froyo 2.2.1 on Galaxy S

Okay, finally I was able to upgrade my Galaxy S to Froyo after the long wait… (well, lots of things happened and prevent me to upgrade my phone since JM9, JPA, JPU have just been released)

I’ve got my laptop back last week, and then I’ve got the firmware as well ( although I haven’t got my broadband yet T_T.. so pitiful.. ) and then the time to upgrade has come. I’m using the latest official froyo (I9000XXJPX) which available from Kies (Europe region. Not the Asian one). But since Samfirmware uploaded the firmware not long after Samsung published in Kies, I prefer downloading it from there. It has been a favorite spot to get any Samsung firmwares.

Flashing details aren’t necessarily explained anymore, since nothing new here. I just use the latest Odin (v.1.3) to flash a single PDA file provided by Samfirmware. According to the site, no repartition needed so that’s also saved time.

just a reminder : make sure you have disabled Voodoo lagfix beforehand (that’s if you are using it though)

My first impression after flashing : it’s quick, I see new improvements. Notability on the GUI change. It has colorful icons under settings menu,  darker background menu, new text edit handling, and screen rotation lock shortcut.


okay, here the shots….

Main screen

The main screen

Phone options

When power button is pressed

Settings menu

Dropdown shortcut

Another dropdown shortcut

OS version

When connected to USB cable

Connected as mass storage

Video player layout is updated

new text selection

new text editing

That’s all for the screenshots..
After flashing it to Froyo, the next step is applying Voodoo 5.0.3 for XXJPX from supercurio’s site. Just download the .zip one, and apply the file using recovery mode or by using Clockworkmod ROM manager.

The result:

it’s fast! so far I feel satisfied with the result. I have around 120 apps and switching between pages is like a breeze. Another thing that I feel improved very much is the picture gallery. It loads way faster than before, you can see the difference right away. GPS also improved, position locking and accuracy is better and faster than before. Google Maps 5.0 also offers a better sense of positioning, with rotatable maps, and very accurate position indicator which moves according to the accelerometer position. If you go to other countries than Indonesia, you can see that buildings on the map are rendered into semi 3d shape just like the early version Google earth 3d rendering.

But it may be I’m imagining things, but it seems the battery drained a little bit faster than before. But that doesn’t matter, the firmware just needs more tweaking thats all ^^

It’s really worth it to skip Froyo 2.2 and jump straight away from 2.1 to 2.2.1 😉

p.s : another thing. Voodoo lagfix does rooting as well, all you need is just download busybox and superuser from the market. Nice addition Supercurio!

Messy kitchen (IV) – Creamy macaroni

Now back to pasta…

this time I’m using macaroni as my lunch 😀


  1. Macaroni
  2. Diced smoked beef
  3. 500ml of milk
  4. Margarine
  5. Blackpepper
  6. Oregano
  7. Salt
  8. Tomato sauce
  9. Corn flour / maizena
  10. Cheese


  1. Pour all 500ml of milk (I’m using 3x200ml of milk here) into the saucepan.
  2. Put the macaronies into the saucepan as well (I put enough for 2 portion, maybe around 250 grams).
  3. Put a tbsp / 2 tbsp of butter / margarine into the saucepan.
  4. Boil the macaronies with small fire until they cooked. Put a lid on the saucepan to fasten the process.
  5. When the macaronies cooked, put the diced smoked beef into the saucepan and mix them.

  6. Add blackpepper and oreganos on it.
  7. The next step is mix a tbsp of maizena with 3 tbsp of cold water.
  8. Pour the maizena into the macaronies to make the milk thicken and become creamy.

  9. You can add a little bit of cheese as well to make the flavor better.

  10. That’s it!

Now let’s eat while its hot. Add tomato sauce a bit.